2324 North 7th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
P: 717-216-5961
F: 717-234-1700

About Us

Hebron Incorporated was established in Spring 2010 as an auto dismantling shop. Engines and transmissions were stripped off salvaged cars and shipped to contacts overseas. The company quickly outgrew its first location in a matter of months.

In September 2010, Hebron Inc. moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania into a larger location. After that move, Hebron was able to start selling tires and small parts to local buyers. In January 2015, Hebron expanded onto the web and began selling used parts nationwide, then moved to a new location in 2021. The company continues to grow and expand at its present location, and offers a wide selection of used parts of all kinds.

Hebron's friendly staff